Διεθνή σχολεία

After years of experience in the field we have come to realize the benefits of taking learning outside of the classroom and experiencing different cultures of the world first hand... 

Why not offer your students the opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of another culture by expanding the classroom, allowing them to experience what they are studying on the actual sites where the specific historical event took place?

 The benefits for students are endless:

 - They will learn, reflect and grow as individuals.

- They will experience a new environment. 

- They will develop critical thinking and greater cultural sensitivity.

- They will gain responsibility and personal independence.

- They will develop new friendships as well as strengthen existing ones.

- They will gain new appreciation for each other and their teachers through the common experiences of travelling, eating and living together for the duration of the excursion.

Each itinerary is carefully designed to correspond to as many areas of your curriculum as possible. You will have certified English speaking guides that are experienced with student groups.

Students will be encouraged to volunteer in community service projects as well as participating in organized cultural events like dance lessons, pottery making, mask making and even cooking classes.

Depending on your specific curriculum we can add visits to various museums, science centers etc. We combine this with research and teaching prior to the trip. Moreover, presentations are made en route and a journal is kept to reflect on the daily visits and students’ comments, on what they saw, on new senses that they felt and experienced.

Help your students embrace their potential, make a difference and provide a unique learning opportunity otherwise not possible in standard classroom lessons.

Contact us and let us share with you current itineraries that other schools use or let's create a unique one together, tailored to your curriculum.

Best Regards,

The Aristotle Travel team