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Popular Tours

Footsteps of Paul and 3 day Cruise

The trip of a lifetime! Visit the inspiring sites in Athens and Corinth, embark on your cruise sailing to the “Jerusalem of Aegean” – Patmos Island – …

Educational Field Trip in Greece

We proceed to Mycenae to visit the remains of the prehistoric citadel fortified with the Cyclopean Walls, the Lionesses’ Gate, the remains of the Mycenaean Palace and the Tomb of King Agamemnon
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Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

Explore the island’s best beaches with fine sand and crystal-clear water that are perfect for fun in the sun! As you take in the beautiful sea-and-sand landscapes, you can enjoy windsurfing, water-skiing and diving

Christian Tours


In the Steps of the Apostle Paul

Themed Tours ( Gastronomy, Customized Group Tours .....)

Why Aristotle Travel?

We have more than 30 years of experience in tours for individual travelers, groups of students, organizations, clubs, business travel and corporate meetings organization.
We offer a variety of programs and tours that allow our guests to explore or immerge themsleves in history and culture in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Italy, as well as on Mediterranean cruises
Our vision is to encourage people all over the world to travel to enrich their knowledge by travelling to Greece, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Italy
We are one of the leading Tour Operator, based in Athens, Greece and we are certified from the Greek National Tourism Organization
We organize recreational packages in the beautiful Greek islands


Other Services

VIP Groups

With over 30 years of expertise in travel and our special attention to detail, we are ideal partners to help with your VIP guests.


What better way to tour the Mediterranean than cruising on a yacht or sailing along the endless blue in a sailboat?


These three beautiful Villas are located at two different locations on the Greek island of Ios.

Familiarization Tours to Greece

Thinking of planning a group trip to Greece but not sure how or where? Contact us to help plan a tour at competitive rates!

Tailor made tours

Want to visit Greece but not sure where to go? Contact us to help you plan your personalized tour according to your clients needs
aristotletravel greece
Greece is a small country with a vast, rich history and can easily cater to any traveler’s needs. Whether it is for a mountain hiking trip, to wine lovers visiting vineyards or a monastery tour, our experienced travel agents can help you plan any trip from scratch.
We put together travel packages with anything from accommodation, tours, transfers, restaurants, ferries, domestic flights and more.