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It has been my great privilege to work with the staff at Aristotle Travel the past fourteen years while planning and executing many group tours in Greece.
On nearly twenty separate occasions, I have led groups of American university students and writers “off the beaten track” in Greece: from Athens up to Mt. Olympus, to Chios, to Crete and beyond. Since these tours have taken us beyond the mass-tourist destinations visited by most group tours, my itineraries have asked for special customized arrangements and rather complicated travel acrobatics.

The staff there—especially Mr. Christian Nicolaides (the eloquent, calm and expert manager and certified travel consultant) and Mrs. Fotini Kiamou (one of his talented travel consultants and assistants)–has proven capable of handling the most complex and filigreed itineraries with ease. Needless to say, my group tours required scrupulous detail, meticulous organization, and a lot of last minute improvisation. Christian and Fotini manage to perform these acrobatics with a cheerful sense of professional duty. Their cell phone numbers are always at the ready and it is good to know they are watching over our travels, predicting problems before they happen, and helping us prevent travel delays.

Aristotle has arranged everything from ferry tickets, to airport transfers, to week-long bus tours. Any hiccups along the way are dealt with professionally and fairly, which is especially crucial when leading large groups. I have also used Aristotle Travel to arrange countless “side trips” and individual arrangements for my friends and family in and around the Aegean; I hear nothing but praise from all quarters. Of course, when I am traveling in Greece for my own research or on holiday with my family, I rely on Aristotle Travel as well.

If you are coming to Greece – whether as a honeymooning couple or in a large group – Aristotle Travel is without doubt your best choice for individualized, customized professional travel guidance. In my opinion, they are the undisputed champions of travel in Greece!

Dr. Christopher Bakken
Professor of English, Allegheny College Director