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Choir Groups

Program only valid for private groups of 20 or more people

Are you considering bringing your Choir to perform in Greece?

The country that presents the oldest surviving testimonies of choral repertory is welcoming you and offering you the opportunity to combine your performance with an interesting trip to the ancient Greek world and a few moments of relaxation in the beautiful Greek landscapes.

A variety of modern concert halls and open air theatres in Athens and other major Greek cities can be the perfect choice for your rehearsals and performances.

During your trip you will have the chance to visit the most important historical and archaeological sites of Greece, museums for all tastes, monuments, and ancient theaters where thousands of years ago the ancient Greek choruses performed.

See with your own eyes the Acropolis with its famous "Parthenon", visit Delphi, the centre of the Ancient world, the "omphalos" (navel) of the earth and enjoy a tour at the magnificent and best preserved ancient theatre of Epidaurus.

For almost twenty years, ARISTOTLE TRAVEL has been operating in Business Travel and as an Incoming and Outgoing Wholesale Tour operator in Greece, providing customers with quality services. We can help you plan your choir's singing tour to Greece and take care of all of your travel and performance arrangements (hotel, transportation, concert Hall, sound equipment if necessary, meals, tours, guides etc).

Taking your Choir to perform in Greece will be an opportunity for shared experiences, musical and spiritual growth, learning, exploring, fun and fellowship. After all, it will be the experience of a lifetime!