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Let us organize your next festival in Greece!

Our goal is to help you plan and conduct your festival or event in this beautiful country with such a long history and cultural heritage.

We are ready to give you many useful tips, make all your travel arrangements (air reservations, accommodation, transportation etc.), help you find the most appropriate place for your activities and performances and contact the relevant Greek authorities and local municipal offices in order to purchase permits for your event.    

During your stay in Greece we can arrange for the participants of the festival, visits to the major historical and archaeological sites of the country. See with your own eyes the Parthenon of the Acropolis, the international symbol of the Greek civilization, the archaeological site of Delphi, considered the centre of the ancient world, the theatre of Epidaurus where the greatest dramatic performances keep taking place from the ancient times till nowadays, the site of Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games.

The symmetry, the beauty and the harmony of these masterpieces reflect the spirit of unity, common vision, team work and human creativity at its highest expression.

We strongly believe that a festival is a celebration that brings people together, strengthens human relationships, promotes cultural communication and provides unique opportunities for artists to interact, to express their emotions and share experiences.

We will be happy to share with you this deepest meaning of organizing a festival and take the opportunity to live such an experience in Greece!

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