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Why not offer your students one of the most beneficial experiences…

Bring your curriculum to life and enhance your syllabus. The benefits of being able to experience first hand what you teach on the actual location where the historical events took place is almost like travelling back in time, broadening your students knowledge and supplementing their understanding of the lesson.

Have you thought about the benefits for your students?

  • Personal Growth – learning to adapt to daily life in a foreign country and a different cultural experience is fundamental for self-knowledge.
  • Global Experience – communicating across language barriers your students will learn to comprehend others and themselves. 
  • Professional Development – the skills that will be acquired can only be gained through international studies.

We can arrange for your studies in Greece to take you to the important historical sites, ancient monuments and world class museums of your choice, where students will learn about the societies and cultures that flourished in Ancient Greece. Considered by contemporary historians the Cradle of Western Civilization and the birth place of democracy, Greece is a land of contrasts and harmony. Let us show you the wealth of our culture, traditions and folkloric festivities as we travel through Greece.

We can suggest many study abroad programs or help you put one together complementing your syllabus and ideas. All of our programs are designed to accommodate the needs of the professors, universities and students.

We offer Christian Biblical journeys for your students to Greece, Israel, Egypt, Turkey or Italy. We have programs starting from one week, a month or even a whole semester that include hotels, transportation, classrooms and tours. 

Contact us today to help plan your studies abroad program!

 Best regards, 

 The Aristotle Travel team