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Aristotle Travel is one excellent travel agency. We at Faulkner University have worked with travel area before but none like Aristotle. These people are the greatest.

It has been my great privilege to work with the staff at Aristotle Travel the past fourteen years while planning and executing many group tours in Greece.

Thank you for everything you did to make our Greece trip such a successful one!!! The students loved it and Eleni and Vikky got great reviews! Our evaluations were incredibly positive and I think it was our best trip yet.

We are MOST GRATEFUL for your inclusion of the bonuses i.e. , pottery and cooking classes etc. You have always included lunch in Delphi on our itinerary at an attractive restaurant from which there is walk to an overlook of a forested valley.

14 августа, 2015

I have had the pleasure of going with Aristotle Travel, “In the footsteps of St. Paul” this past May and also the previous May, 2006.

Руководители групп и индивидуальные путешественники
Pastor Dieteren and his group came back yesterday evening in Holland after a successful 2 weeks tour in your 2 beautiful 2 countries !

Every single comment was extremely positive. Each person said they enjoy the tour and got a lot out of it!I am so very grateful for your help and all you did to accommodate our tight schedule.

We wanted to thank you again for everything that you did to help make our trip to Greece really unforgettable. We had a wonderful time and were happy with everything.

What a superb tour you put together for us and you should expect to hear from friends of ours from time to time. I have talked to so many friends about you.

During my stay in Greece for the last two years, my wife and I, along with our friends in the Church, have had the opportunity to benefit from your attentive arrangement in visiting various archaeological sites of historic significance in Greece.