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Aristotle Travel is one excellent travel agency. We at Faulkner University have worked with travel area before but none like Aristotle. These people are the greatest. They will help you go where YOU want to go and do what YOU want to do. They are very flexible and willing to accommodate any changes you might have and they have the best prices ever. We traveled to Israel, Turkey and the Greek Islands with 20 college students and it was a pleasure.

The guides we had in every country and on every tour were wonderful and the students enjoyed them and that is quite a feat in itself. They were always ready to trill us in airy way they could from finding a place to eat to rushing us to the hospital or just finding a doctor that spoke English. You definitely can’t find a better travel agency than ARISTOTLE! Since returning from our trip, several people have asked: “Did you feel safe” or “Were you afraid?” At no time were we ever in a situation where we felt unsafe since a representative from the travel agency was always with us to smooth out the details. They were always professional, courteous and became our dear friends.

Dr_ L. Edward Hicks
Dr. Dixie Crawford Hicks